I set off in the truck with two goals, visit Lassen Volcanic Park and fight my way along the Ponderosa Way, renowned 4 wheel drive trail. I achieve neither.

These places are in Northern California.

A bird
A deer. Hello birds, hello sky.

The weather turns bad with rain and snow as I get higher into the hills. I finally get to Lassen Volcanic State park to find that the parking lot is the only place that is not under 15 foot of snow.

So much snow.

I head down the mountain to find a campsite. California does not disappoint as I find the most beautiful place right on a river.

Down by the river
I cook
I am happy.
I like this stuff.

I pours with rain all night but there is a great feeling of snugness and comfort inside the camper. Next morning the fill the river with trout man comes by.

New fish
He chucks in 6 netfulls.

I set off for the Ponderosa Way. It is steep and very muddy but worst of all there are multiple possible tracks all of which could be the one I should be on. After a while I realize I am lost. It is chucking it down and I dread getting stuck in the mud high in the mountains, miles from anywhere. So I turn around and head back to a real road.

Very damp

I spend the rest of the day researching camp sites as I now dream of coming back in better weather and spending a couple of weeks fishing for trout. The scenery is so beautiful and there is nobody here.

Spot the trout.
Local store/bar.

I end up in a site called Cherry Hills. Again I camp right by the river. Again it pours with rain.

I love my truck.

Lassen National Forest is the place to go camping. I will be back with a fly rod.

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