Japan was hit by a ferocious typhoon, many died and there was vast damage. My very sincere best wishes go to all who suffered.

The rugby match between Japan and Scotland was threatened with cancellation. I knew it would be played as the Japanese were so determined to win their matches in front of the world but also to demonstrate their resilience in the face of natural disaster.

Japan have never beaten Scotland.

Scotland started very strongly and scored a try early in the first half. There was an inevitability about it. The Scots bigger, more experienced, would crush the spirit out of Japan. Not so, there followed the best 40 minutes of rugby I have ever seen. The Brave Blossoms, what a great name, played with such intensity, such ferocity, such speed that they scored three wonderful tries and had 80% of possession. Scotland were not in the game.

There are no supporters like them

Japan scored again at the beginning of the second half. 28 -7 Japan had the game.

I was so pleased and proud for the team and the nation. Japan needed good news.

Scotland came back strongly and scored 2 tries in 5 minutes; great credit to them. 28-21. Japan looked tired, Scotland looked strong. 20 minutes to go. Oh no, Scotland were going to win. How can I have said that? I am Scottish.


Japan held on for a historic victory. Best game I have seen in years. I was almost in tears.


Japan have won all 4 of their matches beating the giants of Ireland and Scotland.

I am happy that you are happy.

Well done Japan! Sorry Scotland for your defeat and the fact that I supported the other team. Japan has that effect on people.

He will remember this.
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  1. Rachel Claus says:

    love it!!!

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