So, once Xmas has waved goodbye, I will head South on a long trip to San Blas, Mexico. Read all about it: https://www.10000birds.com/san-blas-a-mexican-treasure.htm I hope to spend a month there; watching, photographing birds and eating lots of fish.

I start to pimp the truck to make sure she can master the many thousands of  lang Scots miles, the mosses, waters, slaps, and styles, that lie between San Francisco and San Blas.

New shoes! She is so pleased.

The radio volume control has stopped working and I splash out on a new sound system.

Go here.
So loud! It has a blue tooth.I am so pleased.

One of the biggest difficulties of driving the truck plus camper is that you have very poor rear vision. The camper is too wide for the standard mirrors to see around. Who are you going call? Yup, Amazon. I order up 2 extension mirrors that I arrive the next day. Amazon is incredible. No matter what obscure knick knack you want, it arrives on your doorstep usually the next day. I showed Jeff Bezos around SLAC once. He did not seem very interested but was polite.

Yay! Big difference.
I can now actually see what is coming up behind.

I check all the fluids and James cleans out the air filter.

Super clean air filter.

The truck is in really good shape and raring to go.

I zoom down to Stanford.

Fun in the Faculty Club with Rachel. Wine at lunchtime.

James and I bike down to Salesforce Park. This is a long park, smack in the middle of the city, built 4 floors up on top of a bus station roof. Amazing place. https://www.1843magazine.com/upfront/postcard-from-silicon-valley/at-san-franciscos-salesforce-park-a-city-drifts-into-the-clouds


Happy Holidays everyone!

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