Bosambo of the River

I fix up a meeting at the bridge for 7:00 am. They were to boat me around the estuary swamp land that surrounds San Blas. I am there at 6:45, still terrified of being late and thus unworthy. I sit in a cafe and order breakfast, refried beans, eggs, warm tortillas and Nescafe. By 7:15 no one has shown up. I start to sob into my refried beans. An older guy, riding by on a very beat up bike, comes to comfort me.

“I have boat, come. I not speak English!”

5 minutes later we are skimming over the estuary towards the swamp. Anyway, this reinforces my ever strengthening opinion that organization is grossly overrated, especially in Mexico. Not a criticism.

Very rare Common Black Hawk
Little Blue Heron
Groovy billed Ani
Green Kingfisher
Frigate Bird taking a rest from all that flying around.
Not a bird; it is a crocodile of which there are lots
Yellow Crowned Night Heron.
Lesser Nighthawk
Green Heron
Baby crocodile
Bare throated tiger heron.

Incredible trip. Ricardo, for it is he, has a fantastic eye for birds and we see so, so many species. The photos are small selection. My biggest problem was that we got so close to the birds and reptiles that my big bird lens had too much magnification, allowing only close ups of heads or other body parts.

Thanks Ricardo!

A who knows what hummingbird, on feeder I hung beside the camper.
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