Long Kesh

There has been a lot of Long Kesh imagery on this last part of the trip. I stayed in a very cheap hotel in Playa Novillero on my way to Mazatplan to catch the boat to La Paz in Baja California. The person who painted the walls of the room had clearly been strongly influenced by the Long Kesh school.

Those were the days.

So I embark on the next part of the trip. Ferry to Baja California and the long drive back to San Francisco. The reason I took such care to obtain all the correct paperwork for travel in Mexico, is that I was told by the web that you are not allowed on the ferries without it. I was also told that the ferries are chaotic with long waits for embarkation.

All wrong of course. I turn up at the port. I buy a ticket. drive onto the boat when told and no-one asked me for anything other than my credit card. Super easy.

Back on a boat.

The trip is 14 hours overnight. I get a sleeping chair and free evening meal and breakfast .

Tacos a la Long Kesh.

After the meal, there is entertainment by comedians and magicians. All the crowd join in every song and clap along to anything rhythmic. They have such fun. So different from my reserved British instincts.

Sing along with me!
My chair. Luis is truck driver from Guadalahara. Super nice guy.
Dawn breaks over Baja California.

When I get to La Paz, I have only one thing in mind; propane. All my propane bottles for the camping stove and lantern ran out in San Blas. I track them down in a paint shop. Yay, I can start camping properly again.


La Paz is not er my cup of tea. Packed with confused US tourists. I head for the desert to cook some stew.

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3 Responses to Long Kesh

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Just love the frijoles. They’ll keep you going all day (or night). Is the green slop guacamole ? And the light brown stuff ? The tortillas I recognise. Love the fluorescent green jell-o too.

  2. Alan says:

    Is that guy in the shop re-living David Brent in episode 11 of The Office (not the inferior US version)? Brings back the shivers of dad-dancing embarrassment.
    Looks like a great trip. Enjoy the rest of it and whatever fishy food is available on the long haul.
    Best to have all the documents handy just in case – avoids annoying hanging about.

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