After the trauma of being stuck in the mud, I head North to Loreto and stay in a nice hotel on the beach. Here I shower and sleep a lot.

Dawn in Loreto

I trundle up to Mulege and camp in an orange orchard.

View from my bed

The place is buzzing with Hummingbirds and loads of other feathered friends.

Black-chinned Hummingbird on my feeder by the truck.
Black- chinned and White Eared Hummingbirds
Gila Woodpecker
Orange tree with truck hiding behind. “Take all the oranges you want.” says the owner.

I spend 2 days among the orange tress and then trundle up to San Ignacio to watch Wales.

The Road to Wales
I camp on the beach near the wale watching hot spot.

OK at last we get to the Wales.

Take me to your leader
We come in peace

The people sitting beside me in the boat were from Wales. His name was Geraint.

Post Wales, I camp by a lagoon.

View from my bed

More Wales, this time in Guerrero Negro. It is extraordinary. We are surrounded by Wales who are in no way afraid. Indeed they seem to like creeping up on the boat to erupt with much spray right alongside.

Cwm Rhonnda
My wife asked me if I was having an affair with a woman from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch.
I said: “How can you say such a thing?”
This is the tail of a Wale trying to get into the boat!
Bye bye

You have to do this!

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4 Responses to Wales

  1. Rachel says:

    I am so enjoying your travels!!

  2. Alan says:

    Good to hear that you escaped Mud World with all its diplomatic problems. California Gray Whales – interestingly close to the boats – how large were the boats? Like the variety of hummingbirds!

    • Neil says:

      The boats are about 24 ft. Much smaller than the whales. They like to come alongside and then dive under the boat. Amazing! Equally amazing is the reach of the internet. I am writing this in a fly blown cafe near Catavinia, remember Catavinia? You get an hour of WiFi for $1.

  3. Alan says:

    I thought the boat was pretty small – good that the whales were in a friendly mood! Don’t remember Catavina – did we go there? I notice that there’s a rock outcrop just up the road which supposedly has ancient rock art but the presence of graffiti saying “kill the hippies” does make me wonder just how ancient it really is! Maybe you should investigate?

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