Last Leg

So, the last lap is up the Pacific coast of California. I start in Ventura and basically follow Highway 1 all the way back to San Francisco. The weather is perfect.

Always start with a good breakfast! I love Denny’s.

The trip up Highway 1 is one of the greatest drives.

Elephant Seals are taking over
That will do Truck
Er, looking the other direction.
Poor photo from the traveling truck, but you get the idea.

Such a great drive. Between Carmel and Santa Cruz, the road is bordered by huge Mimosa trees covered in yellow blossom, so beautiful. The sun goes down very dramatically just after Santa Cruz.

Another poor photo, er but you get the idea.

I had lost my driving glasses somewhere down the road and the Tacoma’s lights are not the best. The twisty turny road back into San Francisco was pretty terrifying but around 8:00 I park right outside my house in the city!

Next morning I start the clean up.

So what a colossal trip, 5,000 miles through 2 amazing countries. Thank you USA, thank you Mexico, thank you all the wonderful people I met. Coming to think of it, I did not meet a single unsmiling, unhelpful person during the whole 7 weeks. Such a different world from that you read about in the media.

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  2. Sylvain L says:

    Thanks for this trip

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