The Mission Bells Told Me

James and I head out to the Mission; such a fascinating part of the city. It is a glorious day and we have various small errands but we get completely sidetracked by the Mexican stores.

Hooray! Goat.
Hooray! Octopus
These crabs are livid.
Big choice of oysters.
I have a coffee while waiting for James to get his pizza.
Oysters, limas, pizza and James’ hat
Goat chops and coffee

The Mission is so full of life and vivacity. Lots of quirky specialist shops and of course amazing street art.

Listen to the wall
A portrait of Nina. It is huge.
This is the place to come if you need to run up a new faux fur suit.
Look at the sky! It is February

Thanks James for showing me around. He really knows the Mission. We now have more octopus, goat, belly pork, oysters, limes than we need. Will have to eat hard!

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1 Response to The Mission Bells Told Me

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    I lived there once upon a time, while attending SFState…thosewerethedaysindeed!!

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