Miley Cyrus

Back to Okinawa on empty planes, arriving at empty airports.

Okinawa seems very calm and I am certainly safe as Kiyuna san has given me a special magic stone to suck.

Suck that stone.

The boat is just fine as the wonderful cover has kept her dry as a bone.

Nice to be back in a harbor where coral grows on the pontoons. View over the edge of the boat.
God bless Yanmar marine engines.

The day after I arrive, there is an Irish evening in the excellent Bacon Bar

Corned Beef
The Humors of Corned Beef
Toshi is a very good bodhran player

There are maybe a 100 people. Cancellation is not mentioned. There have been 3 cases of the Miley Cyrus in Okinawa, 2 of which have fully recovered.

Super calm.
My cacti have done very well in my absence.

I really do not get this Miley Cyrus thing. I realize that there must be a huge risk of mortality somewhere, as Europe and the States have essentially closed down and my pension fund has disappeared, but I have been unable to grasp how awful this risk is.

Okinawa is clearly the wrong place from which to judge this issue. The people are, as usual, super happy and helpful. The supermarkets burst with all kinds of wonderful things to eat. There is more toilet paper than I would know what to do with, mind you we all have botty sprays built into our toilets. Zero sense of crisis. However I do not read or watch Japanese media because I can not understand it. Maybe they are super frantic but somehow I doubt it.

Best sashimi in the world from my local corner shop.

Anyway, this afternoon I show up at the local clinic to see if I can get a full check up as I have not had one for a couple of years. They say sure and within a couple of hours I have weight, height, blood pressure, measured, chat with doctor,chest Xray, electrocardiogram, ultra sound for heart, kidneys, gall bladder, liver, or what the doctor charmingly calls innards. I also have some kind of test to check the state of my arteries and a kind of super blood pressure check. I supply blood and urine samples. I see the doctor again who explains that everything is OK but the results from the blood and urine tests will take a few days and the damage caused by alcohol abuse will show up then. However I have been in Okinawa for exactly a week and I have already gained 2 kilos. This place makes me fat.

They charge me 3,500 yen.

No one mentions Corona virus.

Thank you Onna clinic

I do not understand.

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4 Responses to Miley Cyrus

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    “Miley Cyrus”. Nice one Del Boy, or maybe you’ve been away too long to get that one.

    • Nope, I don’t get it. Miley Cyrus is not mine either. My brother Ian, whom you will remember, drought it to my attention.

      • calderi says:

        There may be stuff on the TV etc / seeing as how the Olympics may be off. Dire days but the GM10 gives us hope –

      • Mike Taylor says:

        Just as “Miley Cyrus” is a recent addition to the rhyming slang lexicon, so Del Boy (Only Fools and Horses) also brought us “Going out for a Ruby” (Murray), a curry. Not many Rubies on Okinawa I fear.

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