I am tremendously bored. In lockdown in a tiny apartment with, granted, a 700mbs internet connection, is still pretty dull. To make it worse I break my much beloved knife. I have talked about this knife before. https://thequietripple.com/2018/03/31/knife-fighting/

The tang is horribly rotted and, at first, I believe that the end has come for my beautiful knife,

Moth and rust doth corrupt.

However exhortation from mary.collins2018 and @nut_butters_shop to get a new handle makes me think. If I remove the black collar and adapt a new handle so that the maximum length of tang is driven in up to the blade, supplemented by lots of epoxy, then the knife might slash and slice another day. Good little project.

If I can get the handle to snug up against the beginning of the blade, the I think we are back in slash and slice business.

I have now been in lockdown for 5 days, paltry, say most of my faithful readers. I only go out to buy food. I buy a new 5kilo bag of rice.

How beautiful! Sums up Japan really, it is just a bag of rice but it is made into an artwork.

Strangely enough, there is a team of guys digging up the parking lot. Must be essential. Maybe buried treasure.

Stay well.

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