I Can’t Stand the Rain.

The Government has announced that the Rainy Season is now over, so everything is OK. I am slightly unconvinced but celebrate by covering the cockpit lockers with a new layer of non slip stuff.

Lots of fancy masking to get rounded corners.

On Saturday we go sailing. It is very sunny, very hot and very windy. Harry, Alisa, Arisa, dog Beau and I go out.

Arisa and Harry

We put in a reef. The wind is about 12 knots but very gusty. We reach out into deep water, eating black truffle chips or crisps. We then head up the coast at a steady 5 knots.

Happy sea dog

We turn around and once again the boat surprises us by her ability to to point high into the wind. It is a wonderful sail. The conditions are excellent, the boat is powerful, the Roseate and Black Naped Terns are diving all around us, we heel alarmingly in the gusts but Harry is an experienced helmsman and no-one is frightened.

This is a poor video of the early phases of the sail with extra Yanmar footage for diesel engine fetishists
Harry and Beau, Photo Ikeda San.
Reefed mainsail. I have still so much to learn. Photo Ikeda San

Great day on the water.

During the night my apartment building trembles and shudders.

Only 6.6 magnitude! I have a social lunch the next day and no-one even mentions it!

Next day, the lunch is to say bye bye to Sarah, an adorable colleague from OIST. She returns to the U.S. in July.

Arisa , Tomomi, Sarah.
Good times
Good people.
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2 Responses to I Can’t Stand the Rain.

  1. harry says:

    Thanks Neil. Always good to be out on the water, especially so with good friends and good wind!

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