The Pause

Several of my American friends have referred to the period we are living through as the Pause. I think it is an apt description.

Here in Okinawa we are still asked to stay at home and refrain from traveling around the island. Social interaction is very limited. I have only seen one friend all week and that was a bemasked boat trip to watch the sunset.

It was not a very good sunset.
We ate well
Prawn and avocsdo, bacon and stuff, deep fried shrimp on choucroute. Thanks Hoppepan.
Got back very late. Masks on boats, strange days.

I still get mail. Most is from the local government about health insurance. I am still, after nearly 10 years, entranced by the Japanese approach to official communications. So playful.

This is my health insurance bill. 38,500 yen for a year of total coverage!
More health related stuff. Happy family.
I think this is about electrical equipment check. Artwork by the electrician’s 8 year old daughter

My great friend Hanada san now only opens her wine store on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. She keeps me bottles that she thinks I will like.

Such fun. Each time I pop in she is bubbling with excitement and proposes a selection of interesting wines.

Here is a video about my kitchen.

Sad really if the most exciting video I can make is about my kitchen sink.

There is a small typhoon on its way. That should brighten things up. The boat is beautifully covered and well attached to the pontoon.

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