All Quiet

Not much going on in these drowsy Covid days. We are still in a state of semi emergency, meaning don’t go out unless necessary, masks , distancing etc. I have been for a couple of lunches and one very fine dinner but life is quiet. A series of small technical hitches have discouraged boating. All these months of reduced activity have ingrained an overall lethargy.

There have been some high spots.

I buy a new bag of rice!
Hokkaido Saba
Delicious cucumber soup a la Tim

I buy a new actually old, but new to me, lens, it is a Nikkor 180mm f2.8. These are famous lenses.

I love it because it is manual focus and you set speed and aperture yourself. I find modern cameras and lenses rather dull as they do everything for you. I go to the stinking Triangle Pond to learn how to use it.,127.6548555,1128m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x465dddfa94de705c!8m2!3d26.1720552!4d127.6563361

Black faced Spoonbills a long way away
Immature Moorhen
Common Sandpiper
Black winged stilt with bad hairdo
The lens

I have not yet mastered it. It is a strange focal length 180mm not really a long distance lens for birds and stuff.

When I finally remove the cockpit cover after all the typhoon excitement I find all the innards of the motor ignition switch scattered around the cockpit seat.

A mystery

I have no idea how this could have happened. Maybe I kicked it when installing the cockpit cover but I doubt it as the switch is well recessed. Maybe while I slept, my enemy came and sowed tares among the ignition system. Anyway it is a drag as I need the motor! Kiyuna san of course reassures me.

Use any key!

I will have to find a more permanent solution but at least I can now take the boat out.

A friend gives me a beautiful bunch of grapes from her hometown in Kyushu. They were exquisitely wrapped and all round wonderful. The Japanese really appreciate fruit! The variety of grape is “My Heart”, although it would be wrong to interpret the name as a motive for the gift!

Delicious and beautiful!

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3 Responses to All Quiet

  1. Alan says:

    Mmm, mackerel! Looks delicious – has it been smoked, its an interesting colour?
    Interestingly shaped grapes. Eliane’s garden vine is yielding enormous quantities this year and even I find it hard to consume them fast enough. Unknown variety but delicious!

  2. Grapes in England! Is she growing them in a greenhouse? I don’t think the mackerel was smoked but maybe marinated. Delicious. I had sea snake soup last night!

  3. Alan says:

    Sea snake soup! About two weeks ago I was watching an episode of a BBC series on Japanese wildlife which focused on the Ryuku islands of Japan. A fascinating part of it was the story of two elderly ladies, Yoko and Setsuko, who caught sea snakes at night in sea-caves by torch-light on Kudaka Island. The mention of Setsuko added spice, being the name of bro-in-law James’ first Japanese wife. I found an article online about the sea snakes of Kudaka which mentions them and has a short clip of the old ladies at work.

    Grapes. No greenhouse, just vines up the garden fence. This year has been particularly good but she’s been getting a useful crop for some years now. Not such a rarity in England these days – there’s even an old couple with a vineyard on Lewis of all places!

    Keep healthy! I see the cases of infection keep rising in Okinawa – are you still under restrictions?

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