In Dulci Jubilo

I came over to San Francisco because the landlord is selling the building that our apartment finds itself in. This is an opportunity for the new owner to kick us out. I really do not want to be kicked out. I consult with a lawyer. Because of my advanced age and the fact I have lived there for more than 10 years, it appears unlikely that they can send in the bailiffs. Good.

Bad sign

Covid is rampant in the city and the latest lockdown rules forbid social interaction between others than immediate household members. This means I cannot visit friends, another reason for the trip from Japan. Long trips are discouraged, ruling out new camper adventures. There is not much to do.

I can go on recreational walks, so I do a lot of this. San Francisco and the weather are beautiful so I wallow in both.

Constitutional by the bridge.
A hike in the Marin Hills

I ramble around Haight Ashbury and NOPA. The houses were spared the 1906 earthquake and fire. Some of the most beautiful Victorians are here.

lounging around on Lyon
Afternoon hike.
Morning meander

Signs of Covid are everywhere.

Most stores have a bouncer who only lets in a trickle of customers.
Coffee is served out of windows.

I meet the Grateful Dead on Haight.

They refuse to wear masks.

I traipse around the Mission.

Such a great part of the city.

I amble around Alamo Square.

Painted Ladies.
I promenade around Panhandle Park.

Mostly, I snuggle in my very cosy room.

Lots of coal giving lots of heat. Notice Panhandle Park through the windows.

Not the wildest Xmas but I guiltily quite like having an excuse to sit in front of my fire worrying about getting gout.

James designs cool card.

Compliments of the season everyone !

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