Tokyo is a big place. The population of greater Tokyo is about 40 million. The population of Scotland is 5 million. San Francisco is less than a million.

I am here spending 14 days of self isolation in a tiny apartment. The Prime Minister, Suga san, announced a state of emergency yesterday. Essentially he says stay at home.

I don’t really understand this but apparently the Japanese Government cannot force citizens to do anything. They can only recommend. Well, I am recommended to stay at home except for food shopping, medical emergency, and recreation. I am recommended not to use to use public transport, metro, taxis, buses.

Anyway, where I am is in the middle of a maze of frankly ugly back streets.

From my balcony.

Notwithstanding, I go for treks to exercise myself. The first is to the Sumida Hokusai Museum, which is close to my place. The weather is perfect, blue, crisp. Great walk during which I discover a shabby shop lurking under a railway viaduct that has excellent fish and wine. Can I go into the Museum? Inside is Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” This is one of the best known graphics in the world.

I get lost walking home. I spend 20 minutes walking around my building without recognizing it. The Museum is only 10 minutes away.

Today I head off for Asakusa. This is about 25 minutes walk away. Will I ever find my way home?

Sky Tree looms as I shamble towards Asukasa.
My banjo on my knee.

Asakusa is wonderful. I go to the public toilet. I cannot remember being so happy.

This is not the public bathroom.

There are lots of people. Stay at home? Maybe they are all, like me, claiming the exercise loophole.

Here is a film.

There are many beautiful young women wearing kimonos. Maybe it is a Saturday tradition to come to Asakusa to be photographed.

Happy New Year
January sun
Trump, what a killer
Covid in Tokyo

Amazingly I found my way home.

En Route

At home, I strip off and throw all my clothes in the washing machine. I scrupulously remove all coins, guns, knives etc from my trousers. These trousers are new and have a special pocket to house the Iphone. I forgot about this and remove it not. I put the phone through a 90 minute wash, which killed it.

Do not try to call me.

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2 Responses to Exercise

  1. Alan says:

    Ah, the Golden Sperm/Turd/Tadpole (take your pick)! Good to see it again. Shame about the phone drowning. The hazards of new trouser technology. Currently -2C at 9.55am here and no lovely blue skies as you had in Asakusa. Keep healthy!

  2. Rosemary Mulady says:

    The end of a perfect day

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