I have so much to worry about. I mean, is the solar panel working? Will the Fish Restaurant stay open? Are my oil line problems over? It is almost too much to bear!

I have a solar panel on the cabin roof that gently charges the battery.

It is the square, shiny thing

Anyway, recent flat battery worries led me to suspect the the solar panel set up was no longer functional.

This is why. Junction box on panel. Okinawa climate corrodes.

I get a new solar panel and charge controller – Amazon.

Good for another year or so
This should really be a video as the arrows in the screen move vigorously, showing that the panel is charging the battery. Hooray!
In situ

I dread that the Fish Restaurant across the road will close. It did so during Covid worst bit but I feel it will stay open for sometime. Who knows what awfulness will occur in the next months but at the moment it is open. Er, carpe diem.

Deep fried oysters and prawns.
Fish soup

Such a great place! So cheap! Having an excellent fish restaurant so near is better than psychotherapy.

Oozing oil line is replaced

It has been tough. So much pressure.

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3 Responses to Stress

  1. calderi says:

    Dear me – what about filling that junction box with silicone grease ?

    Fine looking food

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