Irises in the Rain.

Every year I make a pilgrimage to the Iris fields of Kijoka. Acres of Irises growing wild. I have never been there in sunshine. The weather is always cloudy, misty and brooding. This suits the place fine.

This is one
Some more.

I think there were fewer than in previous years but still thousands! I also think it is late in the season and the main bloom might be over.

The shop. You put the money in the box. No one here.

For 500 yen you get a massive bunch. I buy two.

I have far too many Irises. Imagine them all in bloom. Load every rift with ore. soon the apartment will be strewn with boughs of Iris.

As I am stumbling around the fields, there is a big thunderstorm and it rains very hard indeed. I have no coat, no umbrella, I am drenched.

Kijoka is a hell of a place. Not only does it have amazing wild Iris fields but also is the epicenter of Bashofu.

Bashofu is a fabric made from banana leaves. It is a long and difficult process. After many manipulations the fibers from the leaves have to be knotted together to produce thread long enough for weaving. Tiny knots. Amazing dexterity. There is a workshop with many looms with women patiently weaving Bashofu cloth. It is wonderful.

Australian perspective.
World center for Bashofu

Read all about it. I love Wikipedia.

I buy a place mat.

It costs $1 million. Beautiful plate by MIwako san.
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2 Responses to Irises in the Rain.

  1. timzonnablog says:

    Dear Neil,

    I don’t think those irises are growing wild! They are cultivated for ichibana, as I understand it.

    Best wishes,


  2. I think you are right! They just look wild.

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