Okinawa is in a state of emergency until 21 June. There are more cases now than ever before. Stay at home, restricted social gatherings, no visits to other islands, restaurants close at 8:00 etc. Life is very slow.

I woke up this morning feeling hot and sweaty. I look towards the AC device; it is silent. I fiddle with the controller but there is no reaction. I go to the toilet. The lights do not work. There is no electricity! Interestingly, my immediate assumption is that I have not paid the electricity bill and I have been cut off. Where does this come from? What a drag, how do I get my electricity turned on again. A major problem when you do not know the system nor speak the language.

I have, of course, jumped to the wrong conclusion. I remember the electricity panel by the front door. Inside there is a big switch marked, in English, ON and OFF. It is in the OFF position. I flick the switch and the apartment jumps into life. The fridge hums, the AC blows, the computer dings. Phew! I wonder about my immediate assumption that it was somehow my fault. Probably too much church at a young age.

I go to the Triangle Pond to see birds. This place is legendary, usually filled to bursting with birds.

Today nothing.


Does Covid impact waders, herons and spoonbills?

Much disappointed, I head to the Tomari Fish Market. I want to buy a fat octopus. They are not easy to come by. I lurch out of the car and realize that I do not have my wallet. I thought I had left it on the passenger seat.


I have no money! I must have left home without my wallet. This is very consistent with my old age life.

I wander around the fish market anyway.

Oh no! There are wonderful fresh Octupi to buy. I have no money.

Deeply saddened, I slouch back to the car.

I am uneasy, as I thought I had brought my wallet. Such is later life. I ferret around the car seats and, sure enough, find my wallet on the floor.

I sprint back to the Fish Market and buy this.

Boating has been blocked by busted starter motor. Kiyuna san is onto it. Not really a problem as, as previously mentioned, it is the rainy season. Very wet, cover on the boat, strong winds.

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