Great Excitement

Rain dominates our lives. It has been unrelenting. This is supposed to be Summer with long sails into the sunset. In fact I cower in my apartment worrying about my boat cover

On and on

There is a typhoon hangin around South of Okinawa. Normally they blow angrily by in a couple of days but this one seems to have parked just South of us. Covid travel regulations?

Great images
Very calm when this was filmed

Despite the rain, 3 of us had a great lunch. One of us was a great Japanese guy who had stumbled across this blog and is what you might call a fan,127.7427978,844m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m8!2m7!1sRestaurants!3m5!1sRestaurants!2s26.285165,+127.743618!4m2!1d127.7436177!2d26.2851647!3m4!1s0x34e56cb5705b2067:0xf6f55d62bc2076a6!8m2!3d26.2863588!4d127.7441896

This link does not show the restaurant other than geographically. It is a warehouse right on the fishing port with about four different fish restaurants. I have never seen a foreigner.

Ridiculously cheap.

I go down to the Marina every day to make sure that the boat is OK. Today, as soon as I arrive, an emergency message howls out of iPhone.

Tsunami or space invaders?

The message is in Japanese but I translate as super heavy rain coming down the line.I got it right. The rain was so heavy that the idea of getting out of the car was preposterous. The wind is so strong. I look at the boat through binoculars. The risk is that the wind is so strong from one direction that it induces concavity on that side of the cover. Super strong rain then collects in this concavity, forming deep pools putting the whole set up under a lot of stress. Through the binoculars, everything seems OK but I wonder about big boy typhoons. I must practice the best way to rig the cover.

Great excitement! The best thing I ever did was to rent a water cooler/heater thing. Ice cold water, of which I drink gallons and boiling hot water for tea, of which I drink gallons.Thank you Arisa san for the urge.

Today a guy comes round to replace my original set up

The best thing I have done in years.
Very funny guy

The frustration of lock down through Covid, pales in comparison to lock down through rain. Why should I be so excited by a water device replacement?

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1 Response to Great Excitement

  1. Mike says:

    All that water collection and concavity stuff is too much physics fro me. You must have passed your O level, unlike me, though, as you know, I compensated with French (and German).

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