The Frozen North

We head North to search for the Rail; we being Tim, Mary and me.

The Okinawa Rail is a very rare bird that is only found in the dense forests of Yanbaru. Yanbaru was incidentally added to the Unesco World Heritage List just last week.

We drive up the coast and, against all the odds,we see three juvenile rail by the the road well South of their normal habitat. This is a good omen. In a state of great excitement we arrive at the Ada Garden Hotel in time for dinner.

A wonderful place in the middle of nowhere. Notice the pussy cat in the clouds top right.

Ichiro san our much revered friend, is to be our guide. Ichiro san is an amazing person, a world class nature artist and also a truly knowledgable birdwatcher. Buy his art.

Off we go into the night, in Ichiro san’s car, looking for mischief.

Get outta here

We are looking for Rails that have clambered up into trees to roost, they are flightless. Ichiro san finds three! These birds are so rare but he manages to find three in the pitch dark, late at night.

Rear view.
Counting sheep

We go to a waterfall; the ground is teeming with crabs and frogs.

I don’t like sponge cake.
Pig nosed frog.
Gimme eat
Crab sneaking up on Pig faced frog
I do not remember the exact name but it is a gecko that is only found in Yanbaru.

We also find 3 Ryukyu Scops Owlets perching on a branch chirping away gleefully.

Such fun!

We start again at 5:30 the next morning. We see lots more rails. It is incredible!

Another one.
See the rail in the viewfinder!
Great companions.

Big success! I have found that for astonishing wildlife experiences that a guide helps.

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6 Responses to The Frozen North

  1. Mike says:

    Only after reading on did I realise that Okinawa Rail referred not to your local SNCF but to a bird. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. silvermoon says:

    Have a wild guess ! 🙂

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