Settling In

There is something very pleasing about settling in. My room has been communal for the last 10 months, housemates using it for study, reflection, playing with the cat etc. I move stuff out and restart the room with my preferred settings. I feel a bit doggy; turning round and round in my basket until it is just right.

Notice obi on left wall. Kiyuna gave me another as I was leaving. He insisted that I take it to California. Something to do with my Mother.

The window panes are filthy. Luckily James has a extendable pole thing and he lashes together a perfect high window cleaning device.


Beautifully clean windows allowing me to sit on my couch and watch the world go by in the Panhandle Park.

James has just come back from a week long adventure in the truck. We take her to the local carwash for her annual shampoo and set.

Super place.

I go to Apple store on Chestnut to get a new iPad. These places are normally packed, not today, there is hardly anyone there.

Nearly everyone is an Apple employee!

On the way home, I get off the bus a few stops early so I can walk by the “Painted Ladies.”

San Francisco. Great weather, no smog.

James takes me to the sailing jacket shop to buy a sailing jacket. It turned out that my previous jacket did not keep out the rain at all even though it looked like it did. Impossible to get a replacement in Japan because I am grossly fat and generally big. Not the case here. I have a wide choice of suitable coats. Hooray!

Now I need a boat.
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