Clubbing in San Francisco

Bebo, Ron and I go for lunch at the University Club of San Francisco. Bebo is a member so we less distinguished folks can get in.

Early 20th Century building downtown on Powell. Inside it is brown leather and old wood. I think they took London gentleman’s clubs as models. Great balcony outside the dining room that overlooks downtown San Francisco. We drink margaritas in the warm sun.

We swap stories and laugh a great deal.

It is wonderful. Sit in sun listening to the cable cars clattering by on Powell down below.

Sip perfect margaritas while swapping ‘Old Timer’ stories. Lots of jollity.

We go inside to dine. Stiff white tablecloths, heavy cutlery.

Turkey salad. sandwich. Bebo
Beef sandwich. Me.There is a bowl of gravy out of shot into which you plunge the sandwich to make it all gooey.
Steak salad. Ron.

We drink more margaritas and water. We linger at the table.

Thanks for the invite Bebo!

Pretty empty cable car passes the University Club
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1 Response to Clubbing in San Francisco

  1. Bebo White says:

    It’s the University Club of San Francisco not the University of San Francisco Club – it is not affiliated with the University of San Francisco. That said, wonderful day for old friends who also happen to be old timers!

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