Living in the City

So much fun to be had!

I go down to Stanford to have lunch with dearest Rachel.

Such a good time. The thing in the middle of the table is called a Knobkerrie.

I go to Clement St to shop. It is very similar to Shanghai.

Shop with lots of Chinese stuff.

The Chinese supermarkets have an incredible range of stuff. Essentially everything I can get in Okinawa and a whole lot more.

Beni Imo!
Excellent seafood. This is skate. Raie au beurre noir is one of the world’s best fish dishes.
I get around on an electric bike. You just point your phone at the bike and say,”Open Sesame!”

James and I take the truck up to Point Reyes to recreate ourselves.

California I love you! There is so much wildlife.

Tule Elk
Young male Elephant Seals. The big Bulls have not arrived yet.
American Kestrel
Coyote looking for a Roadrunner.
Raptor, don’t know what species.
Ringed billed Gull
White crowned Sparrow
I think this ia a flycatcher but no idea what sort.
Some kind of deer.

What a wonderful place to live. Elephant seals just 45 minutes drive from the city.

We stumble around the coastal forest looking for mushrooms. James is a mushroom expert.

Tree fungus.
The road home
Truck and KLR outside my window. Parking in SF is terrible except for James and I.
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