Care, Mad to See a Man Sae Happy

After my exertions driving over from Batopilas, I luxuriate.

Go here.

Luis and Teresa’s garden is on the bank of the Urique River, which abounds in small trout, black headed vultures and great blue herons hang around the banks. The garden is full of beautiful flowers, fruit and cacti.

Steak and chips with big jug of Passion Fruit juice.
I love Teresa.

Teresa cooks me breakfast and dinner over a wood fire. She squeezes liters of fresh passion fruit and grapefruit juice. She washes and presses my rancid clothes, whilst Luis cleans my truck. I did not ask – they suggested.

Clean truck
Let’s cook
Grilled chicken and guacamole
What they name the place after.
Clean and pressed with lots of fresh herbs from the garden folded in.
I could stay here forever.

Anyway feeling unco happy, Luis takes me to see Pepe the welder. He fixes up my exhaust pipe no problem but for some reason disconnects the negative battery lead.


Things go badly wrong. Disconnecting the lead upsets the engine computer. Upset? She is enraged!

The motor starts with difficulty but cuts out at low revs. It will not idle. Oh dear. With my usual optimism I feel it will be alright in the morning; strangely it is not. I suppose electronic systems do not just get better by themselves. Hmmm? Urique is the wrong place to get your engine computer control system reset.

What next?

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2 Responses to Care, Mad to See a Man Sae Happy

  1. Alan says:

    What a shame after a decent breakfast! Assuming Pepe was using an electric welder then disconnecting the battery is the recommended procedure to follow. Some recommend removing the positive as well tp prevent any electrical flow into the vehicle’s loom. Strange about the ECM being unhappy – maybe the ground connection for welder wasn’t close to the welding site but that sounds unlikely. Apparently the ECM can self-recover a bit but maybe there’s a garage about with re-programming equipment and an internet connection? I’ve disconnected batteries on many modern cars and never had problems with ECMs – just the usual hassle of resetting date and time and sometimes radio settings.
    Good luck and enjoy the passion fruit!

  2. calderi says:

    It is peculiar – utube/google say disconnect the neg terminal and I have definitely done that on two reasonably modern cars without problems. Something else going/went on.
    And I guess “That hour, of night’s black arch the keystone – “ is approaching

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