Now cured, the truck is frisky, she paws the ground, she wants a good gallop.

A two day drive to the coast. So beautiful; mountains, plains, huge distances, no traffic. The truck revels in her health. She swoops and glides down to Durango. At a roadblock, I give a heavily armed FBI agent, his words, $150 because I do not have a vehicle importation paper. Fair cop. I hope he buys his señorita a pretty dress.

The road from Durango to the coast is a classic. It cuts through mountains and deep gorges by means of probably hundreds of tunnels and extravagant viaducts. One of the great drives. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos.

I camp at Caimanero beach. Of course, there is a fish restaurant just a couple of minutes walk away.

That’s what I like
Palm thatched roof, dirt floor, plastic fork, incredible food.

Grey whales frolic just off the beach. Dolphins play games with the breaking waves.

Its beak can hold more than its bellycan
Dawn from my bed.

I start on the short hop down to San Blas but am much delayed by the wildlife beside the road.

Roseate spoonbill
Neotropic, I believe.
Grey Hawk
Not sure what this is.
Great White Egret and Wood Stork
Not a bird
What is the plural of Black Necked Stilt?

I have reached San Blas! It was give or take for a couple of days but the truck is running better than ever. A glorious future awaits!

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5 Responses to Gallop

  1. Alan says:

    Well done! We can all breath again – enjoy the birds and whatever the local gastronomic speciality is!

  2. MikeT says:

    Try the banana bread at Jose Bananas in San Blas.

  3. Paula Fotopoulos says:

    Sounds like a magical trip!
    Come to Australia!

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