Off I go to the wetlands North of Sacramento. The first of the goose migrators should be there by now and what greater pleasure than watching Snow Geese as the sun goes down, or comes up, for that matter.

It is 17:00hrs ish when I get there. Perfect timing as thousands geese are just flying in to settle for the night after a hard day’s munching.

Evening Snow Goose
Not sure

The difficulty is where to sleep. It is very verboten to spend the night within the perimeter of the Sacramento Wildlife Reserve but legal campsites are a long way away. My aim is to get up before sunrise and watch as the geese take off on their hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go, duty.

I drive over to neighboring Willows and have a perfect steak and chips dinner at the Black Bear Diner.

Yum. Lasted a bit longer than Liz Truss.

I sneak back into the wildlife preserve under the cover of darkness and set up in a remote corner. There is absolutely no one around. I have my alibi ready. ” I can’t stay here? Oh I am sorry. I am an old man and have dementia. I have also drunk half a bottle of wine and do not think it right to drink and drive. I will be gone by 06:30. I have an English accent. Have mercy etc etc.”

I have forgotten to bring a corkscrew so half my alibi is shot but no worries as no one interrupts my blissful slumber. Too blissful as the sun is rising as I stumble out of the camper.

Too late!

The Snow Geese have already left! Not one to be seen. Damn. Still, there is lots of other stuff to see.

Dawn camper
Great Blue Heron
Mrs Shoveler
Peregrine Falcon, a long way away.
Northern Harrier
A gaggle of Greater White fronted Geese
Least Sandpiper. Tiny Bird!
Not sure but not a Red Tailed Hawk

White faced Ibis


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3 Responses to Outlaw

  1. calderi says:

    I recommend wine boxes for most occasions, but particularly camping style trips –

  2. calderi says:

    Interesting international differences – UK folk don’t travel without at least one. Mainly SA, NZ, Aus but also California. Hunt them down.

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