Yesterday was the start of the new year; the Year of the Rabbit, A very cuddly year to you all.

We celebrated with an epic picnic on the boat.

Albrecht and Martine show up from Switzerland!

We pass a wonderful afternoon.

Martine, Tomomi, Ichiro, me and Kano san.
Octopus coctel.

Kiyuna san and his doggie Jacko arrive.

Kiyuna san and Albrecht ponder important stuff
Tomomi does the cooking – thanks!
She keeps the sizzling lamb chops coming. We eat lots! Delicious!
Wonderful afternoon
We did not eat this Pacific Golden Plover
I finally track down silver polish.

Ginowan, the town where I live, has lots of little specialist shops.

This guy only sells leather. He cuts me a nice chunk for my gaff jaws.
High time I replaced the old stuff
This lady does every sort of clothing repair and alteration. She recently darned moth holes in one of my woolen sweaters. Amazing job – impossible to find the darns.

Ginowan is a nice place to live.

Happy New Year
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2 Responses to Bunnies

  1. virtuallyrachelgmailcom says:

    MARVELOUS, and how very wonderful of you to share all that! I think of you and Okinawa often, and always with a happy heart. Thank you!

    with every good wish (and hopes for more such sharing), Rachel

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