What Went Wrong?

This my Sister’s and Brother in Law’s house in Sussex. Thanks Ian for the great photo.

Congratulations Rosy and Barry on creating such a beautiful home.

This is where I live in Ginowan City, just above the Isakaya.

Where did I go wrong?

Looking back through previous posts, I read about exotic boating adventures to remote islands and the like. My recent posts are about medical checks. Oh dear.

Anyway, I get a letter from the Ginowan Town Hall about medical stuff. I cannot make it out and so seek help from the wonderful Shoko san at my local clinic. She explains that due to my decrepitude I can have a free mega total check up with emphasis on cancer screening. She sets an appointment for me in two days time. Next day, a Sunday, a polite man hand delivers an envelope containing the wherewithal for a stool test and full instructions in English of how to get to the test center etc. How did they know my address?

You get the idea.
Only the beginning.
Not a question I have been asked before.

Thank you Japanese health service. I ask a Japanese friend if there are private hospitals and clinics. She said that she thought so but it didn’t make any difference as the charge to the patient is the same whether private or public. I don’t really understand and she could not really understand my questions.

Trouble with boat. The cord that hold the jib to the top of the Luff Spar has snapped and so the sail has slid down and thus sets badly and cannot be wound in neatly.

See what I mean?
More detail.
A nuisance as it is perfect sailing weather.

I have now renewed all the anti-slip paint around the cockpit and on the cabin hatch.

Amazing, the water is so clear.

Must do more adventures!

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3 Responses to What Went Wrong?

  1. calderi says:

    What a pain. Tedious even – I guess you have to unroll the sail before tensioning the luff – maybe before lowering the mast? Could be a pain after the mast is down?
    Springbank is in Sussex; I must get out more

    • Ah yes, Sussex of course. Sorry Rosy,Barry. A kind gent, Gypsy owner, contacted me to say I only have to let go the jib halyard and the jib luff will clatter down and so I can get easy access to the bit of string. No need to lower mast.

  2. calderi says:


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