Bay to Breakers is a San Franciscan tradition that has been in abeyance due to the virus.

Thousands of people, most dressed in outlandish costume, many naked, run or amble across the city from the Bay to the breakers on Ocean Beach The route passes right in front of the house.

I miss the very first runners, but these people are taking it pretty seriously.

Old friend Claude sneaks up on me! She is French.

I think there are fewer people this year. Not surprising really as normality claws its way back from the lost virus years.

Young women in pink.
Old Timer
Not real
Gilded Youth
Merry month of May.
Happy Bear

Jacques, Claude’s husband and Claude, Jacques’ wife, have a party on their deck. It is 10:00 am but we drink Mimosas and eat freshly baked croissants. All the folks live in the area. It is nice to have a local community of funny people.

A band strikes up in the park opposite the house.

Life is good. Thank you San Francisco.

Pygmy Nuthatch unfazed by thousands of crazy people
Sweet rat.
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