Life’s a Beach

So the village where my place of employ is, is called Tancha and it has a long and lovely beach

As I walked out on the streets of Laredo

Last Sunday  was beach cleaning day. About 100 volunteers showed up, were issued with special bags and gloves and hit the beach. An hour later it was spotless. So, you can see what a owl has been eating by searching through its faeces. You can learn everything about a rock star’s lifestyle by going through his/her garbage. What did I learn about Tancha by picking up beach trash? First fishing is still very strong – a lot of the detritus was fishing floats both small and large. Next, these folks drink a lot of iced tea. Next, they do not throw gold and diamonds onto the beach. Next, I am looking forward to Spring so I can start swimming in the Ocean in earnest. Next, many hands make light work.

Miners for a heart of gold

“Oh, light is the burden of labour

When a man bends his back with his neighbour

So each for a-a-all We stand or fa-a-all

And each for all until we reach our journey’s end.”

Many thanks to Jonathan Smars for the photos. I left my camera battery at home.

Some of the swag


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