Check out this site  – I love it. What is it about the Americans that makes them want to share? In San Francisco, indeed all over the US, you have Craigslist. You can get anything you want at Craigslist’s restaurant. I remember enthusing about it in my San Francisco blog.

It works so well, everyone joins in, I have never been scammed, it is social, it is sharing. Is it a left over from pioneer days when you only survive with the help of your neighbors? In my previous place of abode there was a similar kind of thing called Top Annonces check it:

There is much less stuff, a lot of it comes from dealers, there are loads of ads and if you use it, you are dogged by spam emails forever. It is not the same. It is business.

So this is a longish intro to my glee at finding:

It is community. It is essentially people on the US bases in Okinawa buying and selling stuff. Prices are low, the tone is community, no ads. It has everything I want, Shrek Bowling Ball, Diving gear, a 14ft inflatable boat with a 25 horse Mercury motor, sofas, home gyms, TVs, Ipod speakers, Yeeha!

Don't throw it away someone else is still that size

Your husband called. He said "Buy whatever you want."

Tomorrow I pick up an iron and an ironing board! $15.

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