Floating above a catastrophe

I find it impossible to write a smart-ass post about life in Okinawa at the moment. My blog tends to be lighthearted but lightheartedness is wholly inappropriate given the current situation up North.

Okinawa seems to have been untouched by the earthquake and resultant tsunamis. It is the weekend and I have no social events with Japanese. I have tried to talk to people but I am rendered dumb by my inability to say anything beyond “Good Morning.”  Very, very few people speak English and those whom I have managed to connect with have been restrained.

My information comes from the BBC web site and radio and  English language versions of the Japanese newspapers. I listen to news from London to follow developments in the country I live in. How strange – I am in a country where there has been a terrible cataclysm but I see, hear, sense nothing.

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1 Response to Floating above a catastrophe

  1. JoAnne says:

    If it makes you feel better, I am getting my news on the Japanese disaster from the BBC as well. It’s simply the best news outlet in the world right now.

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