Fish makes good

On Sunday I cycled down to the Fishing Harbor. It is only about a mile away  as the Large Billed Crow flies but can be reached by a series of meanders through the spring gardens that a larger number of Okinawans appear to be clearing of sugar cane, turning over with big cultivators and planting out with what I hope are Yomitan purple potatoes.

The road to the fish shop

Big Red likes it in Okinawa. She takes me to the fish restaurant/ market with no bother at all. This place serves meals but also sells fish. I feel that its main business is preparing fish for other shops and restaurants as everyone is slicing and gutting and only lay down their steely knives to come and serve you.

Flying Dutchman

I love this place. Everyone is very friendly and seem pleased that I buy weird stuff or maybe I just like to think that. I mean the second part about them seeming pleased. Be that as it may, I buy an octopus, a very large fish and three small fish. I have no idea what they are but I do know they are very fresh. The whole lot is $15. They also make deep fried snacks. You can get squid, fish or seaweed deep fried in batter for 50 cents US a hit. It comes scalding hot and has to be one of the greatest snacks on earth

Squid $1

I ride home along the shoreline.

Big Red in the East

I cook the fish for several meals. Fish makes good.

Octopus, bamboo shoot on rice. Salad with Okinawan prosciutto - about the only meat I have eaten in the last couple of months.

The big fish grilled with rice, bamboo shoot and slices of huge white Okinawan radish

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2 Responses to Fish makes good

  1. Alan says:

    Mmmmm…. that fish looks good!
    Octopus and bamboo shoots – are you looking to a new career as a TV chef?

  2. Hi Alan,
    Just using the ingredients at hand. The fish is really good!

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