Splendor Falls on Castle Walls

I get up with the sun and cycle over to Zakimi Castle. This 15th Century site is only 5 minutes from where I live and is surrounded by a park where everything is covered with Morning Glory and butterflies. The latter refuse to stay still for photography

Yes in my back garden

Wise warrior keeps spear in cupboard

One wonders how such an amazing site survived the war as the Americans landed only a couple of miles away. Methinks it has been extensively rebuilt. Sitting in the trees near the castle is an slightly older than me man with a huge telephoto lens pointing skyward from the camera mounted on his tripod. I think, following much mime,  that he was trying to photograph the Japanese Sparrow Hawk. He pointed out the nest and we smiled and grinned and shook hands. Forget not that I am an illiterate idiot. However I now look forward to a peaceful morning in the trees also trying to get a shot of the bird.


Then I went diving.

Spot the happy bag

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1 Response to Splendor Falls on Castle Walls

  1. Philip D says:

    Wow, lucky beggar, but you know, The Verity is in wine not the sea floor … except maybe in a well.

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