Bag and Baggage

I am sorry to keep writing about bags. I don’t really know why this should be but it is. Check out:

Here is another bag. It was given to me by my learned friend Barbara Warmbein which means warm leg. What a wonderful name. I don’t think there is an English version. Anyway Barbara was an intern in the Communication mill at CERN. It is a very deceptive bag. It is very attractive with an embroidered logo of a nerd reaching towards a sign floating in the ether which says “Science on Stage”. Do not trust this bag.

Innocuous but deadly

This bag has no less than 11 separate compartments – here lies the danger.

Switch scene to San Francisco in December 2010. Another intern the very  very learned Davide Castelvecchi now an editor at Scientific American. I lent this bag to Davide who was in town for a conference. Just before leaving SF he realizes he has lost his Raybans – expensive as prescription.  We both search. We both search the bag. Nada.

Today I use the bag for the first time since I have been in Okinawa and decide to clean it. I therefore empty out all the the pockets- compartments- pouches- secret stationery slits. I find misplaced earphones various important letters and Davide’s glasses.

Still Life: Raybans and Gorilla

Beware of bags with many pockets.

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