Bread of Heaven – feed me now and evermore and diplomacy

So – as with many things here in Japan – I have to reassess the concept of a bread shop. Bread here is as much a gastronomic item as fish or  a pig’s ears. It is made presented and eventually wrapped with exquisite care. It is not er like just bread. By the way the comma key no longer works so  you will have to impose your own rhythm in these sentences. A wonderful bakery has just opened up  a 5 minute stroll from my apartment. As with most bakeries here it is also a cafe providing drinks and light meals. I go for breakfast.


Goya roll croissant homemade yoghourt and coffee on the terrace
Goya rolls

Notice French on the bag

The bread is very inventive. The classic croissants and pains au chocolat are there but then du nouveau with rice bread and my current favorite goya rolls. Goya is a bitter knobbly cucumber thing that is very prevalent in Okinawan cuisine.

Spanish artist

Which brings us to the unfortunate Kevin Maher – ex head of the State Department’s Japan Desk – who I feel must have  drink taken when he asserted that the Okinawans were now too lazy too grow goya. Check out the article. This has caused a major fuss.

His words  surprise me as I have always been very impressed by US diplomats’ extreme politeness and skill in avoiding confrontation. Poor Kevin – he is now ex.

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1 Response to Bread of Heaven – feed me now and evermore and diplomacy

  1. Marilyn says:

    Damn you Neil I can’t leave this blog. I have work to do!! But please, tell me the name of the bakery. Thank you.

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