Treat Your Aged Well

Last week was the Festival for the Old Folks in Japan. We all got a day off. Today I was asked to represent the University at thean event to honor the old folks of Tancha, the village in which the University is situated. I assumed this would be rather a dull occasion  but as usual assume makes an ASS out of U and ME. I am guest of honor, seated by the Mayor who is all smiles as is everyone. Kids get up and dance, the ladies of the village get up and dance



The old people in Okinawa are older than old people in other places and it would appear the urge to party out is the key to their longevity. The protocol in Japan is that you never fill your own glass and my resolution not  to drink is torpedoed by not wishing to appear rude.

It is very hot and 1:00 on Sunday

We get well and truly stuck in. I make a very emotional speech about old people reaching out to join hands across the ocean . Everyone cheers and reaches for the bottle. A clown appears and  does a great job of taking the mickey out of the Police Chief.

Evening all

More drink!

What a good bunch the Okinawans are!  I have to get a Daiko to drive me home.

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