Watering Can

In my dotage I often find strange prompts  remind me of my childhood. Vidi Proust Madeleine. The most recent  was a watering can. I had the choice of buying a much cheaper plastic version but I simply could not resist the galvanized

Flood the trenches

steel can because a documentary of my boyhood  played before my eyes. We had two big steel watering cans that were essential accomplices in so many adventures. The 8th Army is in real trouble until miraculously a tsunami washes away the Afrika Korps from the mud patch behind the house.

Tomatoes doing very well


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1 Response to Watering Can

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Why does your watering can say “Thank You” on a Dutch flag ? Maybe you’re only supposed to use it on carrots (originally purple apparently, until the patriotic Low Landers bred the national colour into them).

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