Gander in the Pratie Hole

So it is the very end of October. The weather is er very good. 24 degrees, sunny, low humidity.

Not quite as blue

Basically the summer was a gardening washout. Er no, that does not describe the baking sun that burns everything to a frazzle very well.  My tomatoes peppers and aubergines all did very badly.  The only thing that prospered was the benni imo, purple sweet potato,, which is impervious to typhoons and does not seem to need any water.

Very large seed potatoes

At my local agricultural cooperative place I blunder around trying to work out when I should plant stuff as there is clearly a different cycle from even  very southern Europe. However I have noticed a sense of excitement over the last couple of weeks. Planting season is, I think, coming to Okinawa – October is April. Last weekend there were trays of onions plants. Yesterday it was potatoes. Hooray these I know how to grow.

After many years of preparing beautiful drills and then banking up the earth, this time I decide to simply dig a little hole and drop the seed potato in. We shall  see.

Pratie in the pratie hole

So I put in a bunch of potatoes and will await developments with great interest.

Potatoes to the left of them, potatoes to the right of them, volleyed and thundered.



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