Public Transport

As I loiter on the subway platform in Tokyo I notice that my fellow travelers are forming well ordered lines, the position thereof being marked by yellow lines  on the platform. When the train arrives, exactly on time, the door position corresponds exactly the yellow line. No,not exactly  but slightly to the right so that the people getting off can do so without fighting through a scrum of people waiting to get on. Complete silence on the train with 90% of passengers both listening to and looking at various IPhone things. The other stand out is that absolutely everyone is Japanese. I am the only foreigner on all the subways I have travelled on. I am writing this on the Pad on the subway just coming into Asakusabashi station. The train totally clean.

Eat your breakfast from the floor

Panic! I am fiddling with the camera at  a station when I hear the cry, “Asakusa!” This my stop.  I leap off the train just as it is about to move out. I am very pleased with myself as without concentrating I had recognized the name of the station. This may not sound like much of an achievement but Japanese pronunciation of words written in English is frequently different from the anticipated. I wander out feeling very smug to find what Asakusa has to offer on a sunny Sunday morning.

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