Bonnie Asakusa

I am a little jaded with tourism. In fact I think there are few countries I can go to. The main reason is that I am made very uncomfortable by people trying to sell me things or services. I say “No thank you very much.” but they do not go away. They go on and on, getting increasingly invasive. I just want to go back to the hotel and read my book.
Children are the worst as they take obvious pleasure in baiting me. They see me coming and descend like a cloud of flies. I am helpless and have to go back to the hotel to read my book.
Today I had an exquisite tourist experience. In the flight magazine coming over from Okinawa I read about part of Tokyo called Asakusa. I have a free morning and so go there.

Big Golden Thing

You go there too if you come to Tokyo. Temples with beautiful gardens surrounded by narrow streets of fascinating little shops and intriguing restaurants.


Yes I have no bananas - MGN Taylor

The main route to the Temple is lined with tourist shops but nice tourist shops selling quality, interesting stuff.

This bodes some strange eruption to our state.

We'll dib, dib, dib.

My camera has had it.

Edwina Currie

No one hassles me, no one shouts at me, everyone gets on with their own enjoyment. Although the place is very crowded, courtesy rules and  pickpocketry or robbery is er not going to happen.
The weather is beautiful, the temples are red, troupes of elderly dance in the street.

The shops  in the streets around are sort of half stalls and are dead good.

Purple and turquoise poodle

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  1. ZedMac says:

    Viva Asakusa! Looks like cool place.

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