Et Encore

I think I have mentioned before that the region of my birth has been of inestimable value in both my social and professional life. People want to talk to me because I was born in Campbeltown ergo Springbank and have been to Islay ergo you know what I mean.

Tonight I am invited to a very swish do at a restaurant called Blanc. Very well heeled Japanese group of about 15 people. I am the only non Japanese. We eat magnificently on lots of stuff notably roasted Hiroshima oysters.

This sort of thing

Everyone is very welcoming but my lack of Japanese restricts my conversation to ” I don’t want a plastic bag.”, “I live in Yomitan.”, “Where is the toilet?” and such. This until I blurt, “Scotulandu jin desu” which seems to mean “I come from Scotaland.”

From nowhere a bottle of 15 year old Laphroaig appears. I explain that I know Islay and  Laphroaig reminds me of my Mother.  Howls of joy and wonder. We slit our palms and press our hands together as blood brothers and sisters.

Here's looking at you pal

I said,"Man, that's my hobby."

As I blast home on Big Red a huge shooting star blazes across the sky. Good evening with great people.

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2 Responses to Et Encore

  1. Alan says:

    Hey, I was teaching Bide Awa to Eliane just yesterday! Maybe there is something in morpic resonance after all and I should take Sheldrake out of the bin before the lorry comes. On second thoughts not.
    Makes a change to find an obviously used bottle of Laphroaig in Japan. In my, admittedly more limited experience, any mention of whisky brands beyond Black Label and Glenfiddich brought puzzled looks. Not surprising, really, given the way marketing behaves.

    What are you suggesting about Mother? Father, now that’s another matter…

  2. Ian Calder says:

    Thank heavens we still have the whisky – Rangers FC going into administration, whit’s tae become of us? Nothing guid I ken.

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