As you all know Okinawa was essentially an American colony from 1945 – 1974 when it was handed back to  Japan. During that period a lifestyle evolved that reminds me of the ‘pied noir’ culture in Algeria – ruling rich minority established by guns in idyllic situation of beach and sun some long way away from the mother culture. Hedonism, style, enjoyment, self belief whilst encircled by an alien civilization.

The traces of that period are still evident in Okinawa. Drive in restaurants, old film posters, beach bars, archaic ads.

Hail the Chief


The Coconut Moon - still going after all these years

Check out excellent article in the NYT on the same theme, sent to me by Arnoux sensei.

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2 Responses to Americana

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    OMG, that “wampum” is Blood On The Arrow, the one starring Dale Robertson of Tales of Wells Fargo fame, the thrilling weekly TV Western we used to watch as 10 year olds !

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