From the Sweat Of My Hand

World Famous Photographer Satoru san comes to stay. We go to a fantastic restaurant.

This is the Restaurant's card. I am told that the kanji means "From the sweat of my hand" thus we care.

We sit on the floor and to my growing amazement I can now do this pretty well.  Misa san comes too. The food is truly wonderful. Each delicacy is served in a hand made pottery bowl. The staff are smiling and natural and as only Okinawans can be. The restaurant is an old wooden house on the sea. They give us rum distilled on Ie Jima. Never tasted rum before on Okinawa but it makes sense as there is so much sugar cane.

Sartoru san

Sashimi, Sea Grapes, Fish

What I eat - look at the bowls

Misa san

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1 Response to From the Sweat Of My Hand

  1. Alan says:

    Will you take me when I get to Okinawa? Pretty please!

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