Harry Potter

So after 2 weeks of pretty intensive traveling, tight schedules, house selling, tax negotiations, Web stuff, conference committees, receptions with, you know, important people, visits to first division journalistic players, seeing my mummy who is 89, seeing my brother and sister to indulge in many colonoscopy related conversations, I am at last back to what is now home.

Oh the joy of a day doing nothing. I love to potter.  No hurry, no deadline, no flight to catch but the pleasure of polishing silver spoons.

Sit on the terrace, watch the warm rain and indulge in Silvo

Put a Japanese plug on my camera battery charger.

No more fiddly adaptors

Repair the beading on my desk.

Have been meaning to do this for ages

Build the  Heartful Bird for the bathroom.

I love these things

Listen to music, learn a new tune on the flute, Dublin Porter, 05 Navvy on the Shore, Glen of Aherlow, Dublin Porter, Pinch of Snuff, and lots of other small tasks that have been left undone. 

I think the Italians say, “il dolce far niente“.  I say potter.

potter verb

Click to hear the UK pronunciation of this word/ˈpɒt.ər//ˈpɑː.t ̬ɚ/ [I usually + adverb or preposition] mainly UK (USusually putter)


to move about without hurrying and in a relaxed and pleasant way

I spent the afternoon pottering around the garden doing a few odd jobs.
He doesn’t drive very fast – he tends to potter along.

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