When the Battle’s O’er

This is a famous pipe retreat. I remember someone telling me a story about Sandy Townsley, of the well-known tinker family in Kintyre, who made some money by playing the pipes at fairs. Having drink taken, he struggled through a tune and was asked, “Tell me Sandy, was that “When the Battle’s O’er?” “Oh no” says he “That was chust a skirmish.”

03 When The Battle’s O’er played by Sir Jimmy Shand RIP

Jeremy arrives on Saturday and on Sunday we cycle over to Ishikawa to watch bulls fighting. This is always fun as the bulls are not really very aggressive and frequently don’t want to fight. No problem – they are just led out again and some more appear.

After the contest we wander behind the stadium to pay respects to the combatants. They are a soppy bunch who love to be tickled.

Hiromichi with Lulu





It is hot, humid and the crowd very Okinawan. I love this stuff.


Go Lulu!

Flopsy wins!

Fifi gets cross

Whitey: “Hoo are yoo lookin’ at?”

Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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