There is a strong tradition in Japan of celebratory parties post major events. I think these are called Uichage.   We had a big one last night. A group of us organized two concerts last week and so in celebration  my apartment hosted a major bust.

Thanks Gakiya san

The event focused around Roaring Pyramids and non traditional Okinawan cocktails.

Roaring pyramids are self explanatory and always a lot of fun.


Yay!  Natori san says”It’s great to be on top of men!”

Not much roaring

Ladies team


Amazing hand made er gift thing.

There is a black sticky thing inside that looks a bit like a jobbie

We make tropical drinks. Left over from the concert was a bouquet of orchids, individual flowers from which became the crowning glory of each cocktail.

It’s the banana stupid

And the orchid

Jeremy holding a Okinawan Colon Cleanser

When was the last time you had a drink with an orchid and a banana in it?


Here is the recipe. In big glass put pineapple, kiwi fruit, a whole banana,some lime, lots of ice, a serious slug of awamori, top it up with grapefruit or orange juice and then garnish with rose petals  and orchid. You drink it then eat the banana. Not sure how this would go down on Islay but you know, different drinks for different geography.

I have to ask people to leave at 2:00 because I am 60.

Time to go home

Great group of people!


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