The Disasters of War

Jeremy left yesterday and so today is the first day for a month that I have not had people staying. This means I can return to the garden. Visitors are not entranced by afternoons spent grubbing around in the garden and rubbing red Okinawan clay into their scalps. I however love to do this.

It is Summer now and very hot.

Nice colors from my terrace

Ie Jima this morning

At last I am having some success in the garden. I planted goya, the well known Spanish artist, and he has flourished.

The Nude Maja

Charles IV of Spain and His Family,

I am so pleased that I have actually succeeded in growing something in Japan that I rush to the plant place and buy more goya plants. The people are delighted that a gaijin wants to plant goya and give me lots of advice, which of course is totally lost on me.

The new goya installation

It is very hot and I get sun burnt despite my new hat.

New hat

I go home to eat.

Goat, fish, little onion things,goya, spam, quail eggs

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1 Response to The Disasters of War

  1. Alan says:

    Those goya have really come on well. How’s the beni imo doing? I think I can see it at the back of the plot but I’m not sure. Was I dreaming when I thought there were some tomatoes? Nice hat!

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