Polyps Put the Kettle On

So this post comes with a warning:

” The following blog contains images that might offend the squeamish, the delicate, the sensitive, the hypochondriac. If this might be you, please switch to the next channel.”

I go to Chubu Hospital to have large polyps removed from my colon so that they become not cancerous thus causing me to shuffle off the mortal coil. That sentence does not make sense really but I hope you get what I er mean.

Check previous history here:


and here:


The people at Chubu are fun. I ask if it is Ok to take some photos for this blog. “Sure, why don’t you take  your IPhone with you and record the operation.” I cannot do justice in text to the joy this gave me. Nearly everywhere I have lived I could predict, “NO! – health and safety, regulations, my boss, where do you think you are, more than my job’s worth, snivel, slide, squirm.”


Let’s frag them polyps

unusual cinema seat

Essentially Kubota sensei inserts something into your private club which has a tool kit including a camera, nail clippers, electrical wire, a swiss army knife, spare tire etc attached to it. You have a wonderful business class seat with individual screen that allows you to watch the whole procedure.

Has an IPhone ever take this photo?

Better than airline movies

A polyp, a veritable polyp. Let’s frag it.

” Do you want anaesthetic?”

Oh dear – by asking the question there is an implication that anaesthetic is not really needed. My education forces me to say “No, I don’t think that will be necessary.” Any other answer would be a defeat. Anyway it turned out to be the right decision.

Travel log along my colon. Getting ready to snip minor offenders. 48 shows electrical snare being wound around big boy polyp.

Kubota-sensei progresses up my colon occasionally halting to snip off some junior polyps until he comes to the big boy polyp. The technique is to inject what he calls ‘blue water’ in the tissue under the polyp and by so doing elevate  and expose the  the object of desire. An electrical snare is then wound around it and the offending growth is burnt off. The wound is then closed with clip things that are part of the tool kit.

Big Boy goes down. Click on photos for hi-res

I was enthralled. Most of the time I was on my back chatting with Kubota-sensei  about the next step. Very rewarding way to spend an afternoon.

You get a souvenir kit

I now have to rest up for a couple of days which as usual is both good and bad. Good, I have no guilt about slobbing around reading books all weekend. Bad because I cannot paddle in the Haari races tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Polyps Put the Kettle On

  1. ZedMac says:

    AWWWWWWESOME!!! I feel I know your most intimate intimations. Bon weekend’s slob. Mwah.

  2. Kevin says:

    I can say–without reservation–that that is the most impressive colon I’ve ever seen posted to a blog by one of my friends. You should be proud!


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