Barred Buttonquail and Gawain

I go off very early on Sunday morning to explore.

6: 00 in Okinawa

I am on a quest for secret beaches and coves that are only get-at-able to those who seek trawthe. Big Red sniffs the morning air and carries me along the coast from Yomitan to Cape Zampa.

It is spider time. Huge webs are stretched across every path  in the centre of which are grotesque spiders.  The weak knight blunders into the web and feels the spider crawl across his face.  The knight seeking trawthe is not dismayed.

This is like 3 inches across

I find a path that seems promising and the signs, unless my parents taught me augury in vain, are good as a Barred Buttonquail scuttles across the track.

Never seen one before

The path is true and leads to the sea. I snurkle. I snurkle more often these days as it is less complicated than the fetish gear scuba.  The weather is amazing, it is 30 degrees  and blue. The water is clear as can be and the temperature of blood.

Only true Knights get here

I spend 2 hours cruising around scenes of indescribable beauty. I doubt there is anywhere better for snurkling in the world. Big Red then takes me to the Cape Zampa . A thunderstorm is brewing.

There is a name for clouds like this

The sea becomes rough.

Go snurkeling in this?

I am afeared, but female Bushido Knights come to the water’s edge and jump in gleefully.

Their trawthe is strong

Strange creatures look on.

Your quest is too hard

Anyway I then turn homewards and it is lunchtime. I come to a cafe which is perched on the cliff edge. It is amazing but not really Japanese. Well yes it is Japanese in as much as you take your shoes off and the staff are smiling and attentive but everything else has a European bent.  I suppose if you want to be chic in the West you assume Japanesey style and likewise here you run  cool Frenchy/Italiany eateries.

View from my table

This is actually a private house but they open it at weekends as a restaurant as a kinda hobby

Salade du Saison

I don’t like sponge cake


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2 Responses to Barred Buttonquail and Gawain

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Nice to see Tom Meek keeps getting a regular mention.

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